The Best Things Come For Free (Part 5)

We were going along the Brooklyn waterline looking at old factories that were converted into beautiful lofts that have a direct view of the Statue of Liberty and the south tip of Manhattan. We made a left turn into a shipyard. The peers looked old and rotten but behind them a huge yellow building towered over the whole area with a blue IKEA sign on top of it.

I turned around one more time. At the end of the deck was still the guy who had traveled along with me. He also had turned around to look one more time at the water, the sun and to absorb the beauty of it all. I started to walk towards the back of the boat to get to the stairs and back into the cabin. He was also heading for the stairs when he looked at me for a split second and said, “That was amazing wasn’t it!” “It was amazing”, I replied but he did not wait for my answer, he was already half way down the stairs.




“The Best Things Come For Free (Part 5)” Redhook/Brooklyn/Water Taxi and travel buddy 03-06-09 at 05:35 PM


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