The Best Things Come For Free (Part 2)

For the next 20 minuets there were just the two of us on the upper deck. I was all the way in the front while my to me unknown travel buddy took over the back. It was a beautiful day and the setting sun dipped all around us into a warm orange.

Standing up there having the wind blow in my face reminded me how much I miss being outside. It reminded me on my time in the navy. For the six months I was on a tall ship I was almost consistently outside. It made me reminiscent about how much I dislike to spend my days on a computer and how much more alive I feel to be surrounded by the elements.

The water taxi turned around and now went full speed in direction Brooklyn. The southern tip of Manhattan got smaller and smaller. Within minuets the city felt like a distance and unreal place.

All that was out here was the sun, the wind, space and freedom.




“The Best Things Come For Free (Part 2)” Manhattan/New York City/South tip of Manhattan 03-06-09 at 05:25 PM


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