The Best Things Come For Free (Part 1)

Friday I could not wait any longer I had to go. A couple of weeks ago I asked one of my neighbors who is an amazing curtain maker if she could make me some curtains for my room. All I had to do was to get the fabric, pay her for her work and get supplies from IKEA to be able to hang them.

I got the fabric and she is done with making them but I had not found the time to get to IKEA.

I was busy this morning with getting some equipment pieces ready to ship out for repair that had broken down over the last couple of weeks. Going to IKEA used to be a huge ordeal when I moved to the city. The only place close was in New Jersey. You had to take a bus, get stuck in traffic and lose at least half a day to get there and come back.

Last year a second location opened in Redhook/Brooklyn. It is still not so easy to get there from where I live. Then I found out that you take a free water taxi to IKEA from Manhattan.

That sounded amazing. I would take care of the curtain situation and at the same time get a free boat ride out of it.

I ran errands in the city and made it to Pier 11 at the south tip of Manhattan at close  to five. I’ve been living here so long but sometimes feel I know so little about this place. Pier 11 was buzzing with thousands of commuters getting on water taxis and ferries to go back home.

The next water taxi to IKEA left at 5:20. I waited for some time in line. It was not too cold and it was nice to be close to the water. The moment the boat arrived I jumped in and got a good seat. One of the other passengers wanted to go outside on the upper deck but there was a big “Closed” sign on the door. He asked one of the crewmembers if there would be any way to go outside and she said that he should not worry about the sign.

When he walked outside I knew that this was my chance. I got up, walked through the door with the “Closed” sign and climbed up the stairs to the upper deck.




“The Best Things Come For Free (Part 1)” Manhattan/New York City/Leaving Peer 11 03-06-09 at 05:21 PM


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