Giving Up Control

I have been crazy busy since the beginning of this month. I was preparing for two photo shoots. I did one on Tusesday and the second one on Wednesday this week. On Tuesday I photographed another musician for Obliqsound. The album is about dreams. To put that into a visual context I had the idea to drip ink into water.

I spent last weekend getting plexiglas pieces cut and glued them together to create a custom tank. I filled it with water and started to drip magenta, blue and yellow ink into it while I was taking pictures of what was happening.

While I was watching the inks mixing and creating these amazing forms and rainbow colors I thought about how random this was. I had no control about what was happening but the outcome was so beautiful.

Then I was wondering if what I was observing was pure coincidence or if it was under the control of a higher force. Can so much beauty be arbitrary?

Can this be applied to our lives? Does letting go and giving up control create beauty?




“Giving Up Control” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Ink dripped into water 03-02-09 at 03:22 PM


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