Last year my friend Steven had to leave his apartment and move in with friends for some time. But there was one problem his Epson 4800 printer.

I had dealt with his printer on his last move and it was not a pleasant experience. At about 100 pounds it is very unpleasant to handle and needs at least two people to carry it. It has a roll paper holder and it is huge. I always had to smile when I saw it sitting in Steve’s office, it seemed like absolute overkill.

Moving with the printer into a much smaller place was not an option. Steven asked me if I wanted it. But besides the size and weight there was something else wrong wit it. It was set up for black and white printing. Stephen had replaced all color cartridges with different shades of grey. He included in the sales price color cartridges worth about $ 600 though.

After thinking about it for a while I decided to take it. One afternoon my friend Marco and I went over to Steve’s place picked up the printer and brought it over to the loft. My plan was to use it as a b/w printer and sell the color cartridges on e-bay. But then I had another crazy idea. Why not buy a second printer to use the color inks?

I went on craigslist and a few blocks away somebody soled a used 4800. I met the guy and in an act of insanity bought it. Now I am sandwiched into two of these massive printers in my office.

The good news is that I can print 17 inches wide. I got a 16-inch wide paper roll and started to print the Leaf project. It is an amazing printer and works very well. So far I did 4 prints out of a 26-image story but they look amazing at size 16×20.

Ende gut, alles gut. (All is well that ends well) 🙂




“Printing” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Three 16×20 Leaf Story prints on living room table 02-21-09 at 02:23 PM


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