Woman (Part 3)

I have been following my roommates band “Woman” since I moved into the loft about four or five years ago. I saw many shows and heard their songs many times during band practice. “The Boys” sometimes call me the fifth member of the band and I feel like that. But since I have a guitar but do not know how to play it and I am reluctant to sing because my grandparents told me that I have no talent because I was out of tune while we were singing German folk songs in the car driving to their country house in 1975 all I was left with to do as a band member was to take pictures instead.

To make a selection out of the thousands of images I shot over the years seemed an impossible task at the beginning but one thing saved me. Brett (guitar/vocals) letting his hair grow. I realized that it would make no sense to combine images of him with short and with long hair in one story.

This is why most of the images (please scroll almost to the end) I posted, the group shot and the portraits were shot here in the loft in November 08. That is also the case for the shot of them in the kitchen drinking beer, chatting and eating Australian “Vegemite” on toast. For this shot I actually composed two separate shots together. The left side of the shot was shot on a different frame then the right side but since Brett and Skeleton Boy on the left looked good on one shot and Kristian and Alex looked better on another I combined them in Photoshop. The last shot was taken in January 08 at Trash Bar here in Williamsburg.

“Woman” just got a record deal. I will keep you guys updated about the release date. Some of the images might also make it on the CD. Until then please check out their music on their myspace page or on youtube.






“Woman (Part 3)” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Brett Schultz, Skeleton Boy, Kristian Branchley, Kristian Branchley, Alex Velasques 11-24-08 at 07:45 PM


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