Alon Yavnai

I took pictures of Alon Yavnai in February last year. He is an amazing pianist and released a record on Obliqsound called “Travel Notes”.

Since I don’t want to repeat myself, it is late and I am lazy you can read everything about the shoot here.

Please also go to Obliqsound and buy the album, it is great.

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The shot of him at the piano and of his hands was shot at the Bosendorfer Piano showroom in the city. The portrait with him in front of the piano strings was shot here at the loft. We had the inside of an old piano leaning against a wall in the hallway for many years. It was perfect timing, the next day it was removed because the fire department demanded clear hallways in case of an emergency. The CD cover shot I took a few years ago in New Mexico with a “Holgar” plastic camera by overlapping frames while shooting out of the window of a moving car.



“Alon Yavnai” Williamsburg/Brooklyn 02-26-08 at 04:24 PM


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