By Chance?

Yesterday I went to the Hayden Planetarium that is part of the Museum of Natural History with my friend Elizabeth. I’ve been wanting to go there for a quite few moths and we had a great time. We saw the show “Cosmic Colitions” in the Haydn Dome that gave me much material for thought.

There were two major impacts on our planet that made life possible, as we know it today. Five billion years ago a planetoid struck and created our moon and a meteoroid struck 65 million years ago and ended the age of the dinosaurs. If either one of them would have missed earth I would not be writing this. There would be no seasons; no tides and Jurassic Park would not have been a movie but be reality.

Did all this happen by chance? I don’t think so.




“By Chance?” Manhattan/New York City/Hayden Planetarium 02-14-09 at 05:01 PM


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