A Grand Life (Part 2)

I spent a lot of time last week watching “The Beatles” anthology in DVD. It is a great example for what I was taught to believe a grand life looks like. Four working class kids are taking over the world within a couple of years.

Their story and influence is remarkable. Not only did they write amazing songs were incredible musicians and are by many and myself considered the best band ever, they also ignited a cultural revolution.

Isn’t being adored by millions, changing the world through our work, being independently rich and being able to travel wherever whenever we want a life we can consider grand?

But while they had all the money and success in the world they were still searching for meaning in life.

I think it was Osho who once said that life is much easier if you are poor then if you are rich and successful. When you are poor you still have the illusion that if you would own the TV set, the beautiful apartment and the latest car you will find happiness. But what if you have all that and still are not happy? Where do you go from there?

Apparently the Beatles felt being rich and successful was not enough. Something was missing. They started to look for meaning in life in drugs and later met the spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and went so far to go to India for a couple of moths to study meditation with him.

What can there be missing if you are a musical prodigy and have more money then you can spend in one lifetime?




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