My New Best Friend

My new best friend is not very tall and not very pretty either. But lately we have been spending every night together. My new best friend always keeps me warm.

My new best friend is a pink rubber water bottle. Before I go to sleep I fill it up with hot water wrap it in a towel and put it in my bed. All night I am so warm and cozy and sleep like a baby while the temperature in the loft does drop to being unbearable.

The only downside is that comes 6 AM and time for my yoga practice I don’t want to get up because the room is so cold and my bed is so warm. Instead I turn around hug my still warm new best friend and keep on sleeping.

I’m feeling out of shape right now. 🙂





“My Ne Best Friend” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Pink water bottle 01-28-09 at 11:06 PM


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