Leaf Project (Part 2)

I took a break from writing the blog. A few weeks ago I scanned 26 images of the “Leaf Project”. I went to a place here in New York and rented a hi-res scanner. The rental fee was $ 50.00 per hour.

There are many spiritual practices to keep one in the moment and I tried out many of them. But spending this amount of money made me very focused and I was absolutely in the moment. Any mistake could lead to have to restart the scanner and lose valuable time.

Three and a half hours and $ 200.00 later I had 26 scans that allow me to print the images up to 25 x 30 inches without interpolation (upsizing).

One thing that I absolutely not miss about shooting film is “dust and scratches”. When you scan and image it is impossible to avoid having dust and scratches on the film. In Photoshop you are able to take those out but the bigger the scan the more small detail you are able to see. I spent many hours to clean up those images.

I will print all of them 16 x 20 for a show and can’t wait to get them on my website.



“Leaf Project” Williamsburg/Brooklyn on 11-20-08


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