Yesterday I spent most of the day to shoot the paintings of my roommate and amazing painter Nieves. Nieves is originally from Bilbao and came to New York in the 80’s. She has been in the loft for a long time and has seen our neighborhood before the “Hipsters” arrived. It was a time when you had to put a chain and a lock on your car battery only to find out the next morning that somebody had stolen it anyway.

Nieves is an expressionist painter. I have been always amazed by her creativity and her choice of color and love her answer whenever I ask her about details of her paintings. All she usually says is, “I don’t know what it is, it just comes up and I paint it.”

We started yesterday at 1 PM and eleven hours later we had shot 32 of her latest pieces. I particularly love the one I am using for this post.

One of the main purposes for the shoot was to give her the ability to create a website with her work. I will post a link on the blog as soon as her site is up.




“Nieves” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Painting by Nieves Saah 01-10-09 at 06:43 PM


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