101 Of Happiness

Why is it so hard to be happy? How can we unlock joy and happiness? 

It is a simple answer. The problem is that we believe that we are what we see when we look into the mirror. We think that the face, the torso, the arms and legs we see are what we are. We have the firm belief that we are this body.

That created and creates all problems we ever encountered or will have to face in the future. It creates an idea about us that we live by. We believe that we our social background, are our skin color, our sex and our culture. It creates fear. The body is vulnerable and eventually will die. It creates interdependence. We feel we belong to a certain group of people, our families.

What if we are not the body? What if we were never born and will never die? What if life is nothing then a dream?

How would our lives look like if we wouldn’t believe we are our body? Would there be anything to be afraid off? Could we define who we are? Would we depend on anybody?

What else would be left then freedom joy and happiness?





“101 Of Happiness” Williamsburg/Brooklyn 01-10-09 at 12:35 AM


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