The End Of Inferiority (Part 3)

First I want to thank you guys for the comments you left for yesterday’s blog. Treacle’s post also reminded me to focus on my experiences since we all have different parents.

I have been feeling inferior to my parents. I placed them on pedestals, looked up to them and thought that they do know more then I do.

I remember my mother and grandmother having an argument. My mother was about 50 and my grandmother about 86. My grandmother wanted my mother to do things her way and my mother objected by saying that she is and has been an adult for quite some time and makes her own decisions. My grandmother replied, “I don’t care, you are my child and always will be so!”

Was there anything left for my mother to say? To her there was no equality. She was the child, she was the inferior one and she had to listen to what her mother had to say.

Unfortunately these control mechanisms get passed on to the next generation. As much as we might hate to be in this situation we accept it as the truth and act the same way with our children.

How does inferiority make me feel? It makes me doubt myself, it makes me feel small, powerless, afraid, overwhelmed, controlled, not been taken serious and degraded. It prevents me from living my full potential.

This is why I decided to end inferiority and feel equal to my parents. It is time to break the cycle and not pass this on to the next generation.

I have been practicing feeling equal since the beginning of this year. This exercise has already started to change my life. My self-confidence is through the roof, I never felt better about myself. I wake up in the morning and I am happier then I have ever been and the future feels like it is a big red party balloon.

I realize that I just started a completely new chapter in my life. The first four days of this year have been some if not the best days of my life so far. I had more fun in this short period of time then in the first six months of last year.

And all that because I set out to feel equal and let go of inferiority and the feelings that are attached to it.






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