The End Of Inferiority (Part 2)

Titling this and the last blog “The End Of Inferiority” shows that I have an opinion about the relationship to our parents.

The problem is that in modern society we never become adults. We lost contact with our roots. Indigenous people around the world have strenuous rituals to pass children into the adult life. It is a cut of point, a decisive moment in those children’s life. After having undergone the ceremony their life has changed. They are adults now.

I never had such an experience. Yes I turned 18, was allowed to vote, to drive and sign contracts but not much else changed. I did not feel like and adult. My life was pretty much the same as it was at 17; I was still my father and mother’s child.

Not having an experience that moves us consciously from childhood to adulthood creates lots of problems. Today we are a society of children. We are all somebody’s children and this childhood never came to an end. Our parents did not experience that it ended either. They still feel that they are the ones that can tell us what to do, they are still the superior ones because we are still children.

We look up to them and do what they want us to do. They are our parents, they are all knowing, we have to obey their wishes, we have to behave and be good. When it comes to them most of us are still five years old and have not realized that time has moved on.

Do we want to continue to live our lives that way? When will we end our inferiority?






“The End Of Inferiority (Part 2)” Williamsburg. Brooklyn 01-03-08 at 03:16 PM


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