The End Of Inferiority (Part 1)

Equality is a big theme in today’s society. Even though we have still far to go to reach a level of egalitarianism things have been getting better. Today there is much more equality and acceptance in regards to sex, race, sexual preference, religion and culture then there was 40 or 50 years ago.

How about our relationship with our parents though? Are we equal to them?

When we were born they were these tall, strong, all knowing people that we looked up to and admired. Back then we were not able to take care of ourselves, we depended on them. They told us what to do and we had to follow. They were superior to us. Later in life we found out that our parents are like everybody else, people with strengths and weaknesses.

But even though today we are tall as well, have learned a lot and are living our own lives are we looking at each other eye to eye or are we still little children in there presence looking up to them? Do we feel inferior? Are they feeling superior?

Is there equality between grown ups and their parents?





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