Many Years Later (Part 2)

On a positive note I eventually made it up to Queens after missing one stop on the subway and then getting lost trying to find Marco’s apartment despite having GPS on my iPhone. The moment they walked out of the door my mood changed though and I had a wonderful time.

I never had been to Roosevelt Island. It is actually very nice. Marco had spent already most of the afternoon in his friends apartment cooking. He is not only a great photographer but also an amazing cook. I had the best tofu ever in my life. After we ate Marco got the blender ready. I had brought a bottle of tequila that was left over from my birthday party. He started to make Margaritas. They were so good. I had a terrible headache the next day but it was all worth it.

It was a beautiful evening. We did not exchange any presents but I spent the night with people I love and who love me. There was no pretending, no pressure, no dressing up, no need to compensate.

Maybe Christmas is not so bad after all….. 🙂




“Many Years Later (Part 2)” Roosevelt Island/Chritmas Tree in the wind 12-24-08 at 11:06 PM


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