Self-Confidence (Part 2)

Yesterday I had a deep realization. I had gone to the lab on Monday to drop off images I shot for the “Grand Street Project” over the weekend. I also dropped off ten sheets of film that I had shot about a year or so ago with a 4×5 large format camera. I originally had started off the “Chinatown Project” back then but did not continue to work on it.

When I went back to the lab yesterday they presented me a $ 83.00 bill for processing. I was shocked but then found out that they had charged me $ 4.50 per b/w sheet film. No wonder that everybody goes digital! At the end it was my mistake, I had not asked for the price before running the film.

When I got home I scanned some of the 4×5 images to use them for the blog but ended up being very disappointed. There was no energy in those shots. Technically I took the same picture, an object on a white background but there was no attitude. They are documentary shots. A Fish on white background mand an octopus on white background.

I had the deep insight that most of what I had learned in life was unnecessary and almost all I ever believed was wrong. Knowing everything about lighting and exposure does not take a good picture. Having lots of money and being handsome does not get you the girls. Going to university does not make you successful in the business world.

Self-confidence does.





“Self-Confidence” Cigarette found on and shot for Grand Street Project 12-07-08 about 04:00 PM


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