Leaf Project

I finished my leaf project a couple of days ago. I shot 60 something leafs in the last two weeks. It was a lot of fun to do and very different. Shooting film was exciting even though every time I go to the lab to pick up a new set of chromes I’m always shocked about how expensive it is to do so. But there is still something beautiful about putting 6×7 cm chrome on a light box.

Digital images have no grain what makes them sharper then the ones shot on film. It is so much easier to shoot digital since you can see right away what you get and can make adjustments instantly. The camera I have been using for these shots is huge and heavy.

Ansel Adams said in one of his books something really interesting. He said that even though today film is so advanced (he said that before digital cameras emerged) that printing from a 35 mm negative or a 4×5 large format camera would have the same results in quality he would still see a difference. To him shooting 4×5 just did so much more effort, was so much slower and shots were so much more composed since the camera had to be used with a tripod that the results with the bigger camera looked better anyway.

Even though I believe that a good picture is a good picture even it is shot with a spy camera the pull to have the best quality possible has always been there for me. Taking pictures takes a tremendous amount of effort. Putting in all that energy and at the end not being happy with the quality of the result is not a good feeling.

This is why I decided to use film for this project and the two following ones.

Looking at this image I feel that it was all worth it. What do you think?





“Leaf Project” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Leaf found in Central Park 12/02/08 around 04:00 PM


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