Grand Street Project

Since I am done with shooting leaves I started with my second project called “Grand Street”. The idea is to pick up objects that I find on my way from the subway home and shoot them on a white background as I did with the leafs. There are no restrictions to what I will shoot.

I was tested a few days ago. On my way to the subway I spotted two condoms. I was not too excited about that but I knew they would be great for the story. On my way back home I had a hard time finding them. Instead I discovered what looked like a twisted up balloon. Well, that was almost as good as condoms. Out came my rubber gloves and a plastic bag.

When I started to style the balloon at home while I was again safely protected by rubber gloves I realized that I really was playing with two entangled condoms.

The things you do for a picture…… 🙂




“Grand Street Project” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Two Condoms found on Grand Street 12/03/08 around 02:00 PM


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