A great inspiration to my current projects was when I was waiting for the F train on Smith in 9th Street a couple of weeks ago. It was an extremely cold night. I was walking up and down on the platform to stay warm when I noticed that some paint had fallen off the walls and was exposing the paint layers underneath it. It reminded me on my time in the navy. All day I used a hammer to get old paint off the ship and then painted it again.

What is very interesting to me is the beauty of detail. When I looked at the spots on the wall I started immediately to pull out my camera and to take pictures. I was wondering how many people pass by in a day and don’t see the beauty.

I have been playing these games for a long as I can think back. I am in a field of grass, on the beach or in the city. I single out one detail, one stem of grass, one grain of sand or a crack in the asphalt. I look at it and while I wonder if anybody has focused on it before I know that most likely nobody has. It makes me sad because there is beauty that nobody else will ever see.

This is why I started these projects. I want to show beauty that most of us would never see.



“Detail” Brooklyn/Subway Stop on Smith and 9th Street/11/16/08 at 08:31 PM


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