Skeleton Boy

During the shoot of my roommate Kristian’s band “Woman” I also had the chance to shoot portraits of all band members.

I have been always very interested in shooting portraits and the ability to capture one’s personality, one’s soul in a photograph. How can you do that? I always try to be very transparent and let my subject be him or herself.

But what applies to a soda can and a leaf must also apply to a person. My personality, my view of the world is reflected in this photograph.

This is a portrait of Ryan also called “Skeleton Boy” because he is so skinny who plays the base in the band.

Ryan is not only a very cool guy but because of his looks he is also a portrait photographer’s dream.

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“Skeleton Boy” Williamsburg/Brookyn/ Ryan “Skeleton Boy” bass player of “Woman” 11-24-08 at 12:04 AM


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