Beyond The Clouds

That was my longest break so far this year. But now because of popular demand ( I had one request! ☺) I am back on track.

The last week and a half has not been easy. As I wrote in my last blog I am dropping my dreams and want to live in the now. The downside of this is that you might not like what you see. You might have projected your dream onto reality and all you ended up seeing was you dream and not what was really happening.

I looked at a part of my life honestly last week. I did not like what I saw and had to make adjustments. That did not prevent me from being very sad and hurt about my broken dream. I needed a few days to recover.

There is a lot of talk about the truth setting us free but nobody says how much the truth hurts.



“Beyond The Clouds” Manhattan/New York City/Empire State Building 11-15-08 at 07:45 PM

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