History In The Making

One might wonder what aliens would have thought if they would have passed by earth when Barack Obama was elected to be the new president. Would they have wondered why it is such a big deal, why this event was history in the making? After all there had been 43 presidents before him. We should be used to the process of electing a new president by now.

It is a big deal because Barack Obama is black. It is a big deal because what has happened a few days ago had never happened before. A president was elected because of what he stands for, for what he has to offer without taking his ethnicity in consideration.

It is a big deal because it is a breakthrough for humanity. I have been talking about letting go of ideas and beliefs a lot in my blog posts. Barack Obama stands for equality, he stands for opportunity and the American dream. Nobody in this country whatever skin color he has will ever have to think again that he does not to have the chance to become the president of this country.

It will teach people to let go of any beliefs they have that race matters.

But the election reaches far beyond American borders. It shows the world that anybody can achieve anything. It shows us what the future looks like.

Last Tuesday was truly history in the making.




“History In The Making” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Grand Street 11-07-08 at 10:24 AM


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