I went to The Metropolitan Museum of art with my friend Marco two weeks ago. It is such an amazing place and so inspiring. I love to walk through the painting section and absorb the creative energy from all these masters of their craft.

Walking around I was wondering what we leave behind when we die. We hopefully make a positive impact while we are here and leave the world as a better place then when we found it. But is there something tangible, something somebody will look at and get inspired by 100 years from now?

 To me creating art is one of the biggest impacts we can make on humanity. Almost all the pieces at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art were created by artists who long have been gone but still thousands of people go there on a daily basis to look at their work and get inspired by it.




“Art” Manhattan/New York City/Entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 11-01-08 at 05:41 PM


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