I’ve never been into politics. I actually just voted once at the tender age of 18 back home in Germany. I often had long conversations with my father about not voting. He was convinced that it was my duty to vote. I told him that I am very happy to go vote the moment there is a candidate I believe in. There was none until I left Germany 1996.

Who was there to choose from? Ailing men old enough to have fought in the Second World War with views of the world that were as grey as their hair. Others with greed written all over their bloated faces. Huge ego’s, deeply corrupt and only focused on enriching themselves.

There have been only a few people I ever looked up to in my life. Most of them have reached a high level of spiritual understanding, others because they are great artists. Not too long ago I would have never imagined to ad a politician to that list but…..

I’m looking up to Senator Barack Obama.

From the first time I heard him speak I was convinced that he had all I had been looking for all these years in a politician: Awareness, integrity, honesty, self-confidence and strength.

I am for change; this blog has been about change. In my own experience I had to realize though that people say they want to change but are very uncomfortable with changing. Are we ready for a change?

My mentor once told me that the only way somebody is willing to change is when he is with his back against the wall. We don’t want to change but sometimes we are forced to. Are things bad enough for people to be ready to do things differently?

Tomorrow this country will decide if it is ready to move into a new era, tomorrow America will decide if the world finally moves into the 21st Century. Tomorrow is a big day.

Twenty years after filling out my first ballot I am finally ready to go vote again and take a stand for a candidate I believe in. But I am not a citizen, I cannot vote.

Since I am not able to cast my ballot tomorrow I am doing what I can do. I am writing a blog post about who I would like the 44th president of the United States of America to be.

Change? Yes I can!

Can you?





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