Breaching The Gap

How can we do it? How is it possible to repair the foundation, how can we breach the gap?

By letting go. We have to do this by working our way from the top down.

First we have to clean the house. We start to throw things out that we don’t need any more. We check every little belief or idea we have about the world and ourselves, question them and if we are not 100% sure that they are true throw them out immediately.

“Can I be 100% sure that this idea/belief is true?” It is surprising how little we can be 100% sure off.

That process will create space and the ability to start to ask questions about our core beliefs that built the foundation.

By letting go of the core beliefs we are repairing the basis of our lives.

Now we can build on solid grounds.




“Breaching The Gap”Williamsburg/Brooklyn Gand Street and Bushwick Avenue 10-26-08 at 03:32 PM

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