Figuring It Out?

Is life a dream? One might wonder why I even asked that question. What difference does it make at the end? We are here and we have to live life being it a dream or not.

To me it is an essential question to ask though. If our life is a projection of our ideas and believes, if whatever is in us projects onto the stage of life changing the projection is what we have to do to alter the show.

If you are happy with your life there is of course no need for change but lets assume that we have problems in parts of our lives what is true for most of us. In that case we can spend a lifetime trying to change things unsuccessfully on the outside instead of realizing that the problem really is on the inside. We are projecting the wrong image.

Is life a dream? I don’t know. I can’t figure it out. But what I know out of experience is that by letting go of limiting ideas and beliefs that I have about myself my life is turning for the better. I know that what I carry on the inside is projected onto the outside. I also know that the less I carry the better things get.

That brings us to the question what would happen if we would let go of all ideas? That is called enlightenment and I have no answer to that question. In theory that would mean that every step we take is taken by the universe since there is no ego that can limit the experience to a person.

But without theorizing I have no answers.





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