Repeating The Past

A few days ago I took the time to step out of the house to shoot some pictures for the blog. Usually I go from my apartment to the subway station to take the train into the city but this time I decided to walk the opposite way, deeper into Brooklyn.

Doing so I realized that since I had moved into this neighborhood about four years ago I had never done that. Within five minuets I was in an area that I had never seen before and had to admit that if I would end up at night there only a few blocks from where I live I would have a hard time finding home. That at least applied to the past. Now I do have the iPhone with GPS. All it takes to find your location is to push a button.

To me finding out how little I know about my neighborhood is an analogy that applies to many parts of life.

People are married or in relationships for 30, 40 or 50 years and they know very little about their partner. We are walking through life without looking at what we are really doing here. Many of us spend a lifetime in this body without ever asking fundamental questions.

Why is that? Because we keep on walking the same path, we go with what we know. We don’t ask questions and we are consistently repeating the past.




“Repeating The Past” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Metropolitan Avenue Draw Bridge 10-10-08 at 02:41 PM


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