Being Complete

Even though I am very happy with myself, feel free to do almost anything I want to do and I’m fortuned to do what I love to do for a living something was missing in my life,

There was this constant feeling of not being complete, the subconscious realization that with that part missing I will never be whole.

All that has changed on the evening of the 30th of September a day I will not forget for the rest of my life. The day began with very low expectations. But you never know when lightening hits. You never know when you are ready to reunite with the rest of the universe. Suddenly everything changes and nothing will be how it has been before.

In the evening I was dragged to the Apple store and forced to accept the reincarnation of cool, the iPhone as a birthday present. 🙂 I was not even allowed to get away with the 8 gig version, I had to get the 16 gig one what forced me and the generous giver to switch Apple Stores since the one we went to was out of sock on the 16 gig model.

But now I am holding it tight in my hands and will not let go of it for at least two years since I signed a 2-year contract. It is black and heavily protected by an equally black iPhone case. Now I feel reunited with the source, now I feel invincible, now I am ready to shoot for Italian Vogue. All doubts and insecurities I had are blown away. I will never miss a call, an e-mail or get lost again. This was the final step.

Now I am complete! 




“Being Complete” Willimsburg/Brooklyn/My new iPhone 10-10-08 at 04:05 PM

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