The City Of Lights

Last Thursday I was still pain and was limping. Thursday evening I usually go to kung fu training. My knee felt a little better after seeing Uncle Mak but I did not want to risk hurting myself again and decided to skip class.

I had stopped by the loft that day to take care of a couple of things. I ran into my roommate Kristian who told me that he would go on this boat trip around Manhattan in the evening. During the two-hour trip three rock bands would play shows. That sounded interesting. Since kung fu was off limits for the night I told him that I would join him and Ryan the bassist in Kristian’s band “Woman”.

I met them at 8 pm on 23rd Street and FDR drive. We walked down the pier to get to the “Half-Moon”, the boat that would bring us down the Hudson River to the Statue Of Liberty and back.

I had a great time that night. When we left 23rd Street the boat was not even half full. The music was very loud but not that great (Kristian could have done much better !!!). The views of the bridges, the skyline and the Statue Of Liberty from the water were absolutely breathtaking though.

I’ve been on boats and ships in the waters around the city quite a few times. But I never had done it at night.             

New York is the city of lights. There are millions of them everywhere. Being in the city the full impact is sometimes hard to see. When you step out, when you are on the water you can see the beauty of it all.





“City Of Light” Manhattan/New York/East River/View of Downtown Manhattan 8-28-08 at 08:56 PM

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