I spent most of my time this week getting my place in Williamsburg/ Brooklyn back into shape. I worked through stacks of receipts that had been piling up for months, cleaned thoroughly and burned what felt like 50-60 DVD’s to back up all the images I have been taking over the last couple of months.

Being a photographer in the 21st Century is very interesting. Most of the day is spent in front of the computer and you need a huge amount of storage space. I have shot about 6500 images for this blog so far to post 210 images online. That alone are 90 Gigabytes or 20 DVD’s times two since all the files have to be backed up as well not to talk about the thousands of images I shoot for jobs.

For a couple of days I mainly saw computer screens and this big pile of receipts that I divided into little piles and then filed in a folder. The beautiful thing is that I now know where everything is. It would take me only minuets to pull any digital file or receipts I need.

Sometimes I wonder if my “slight” obsession with being organized is natural or if it is an issue. Is it connected to the fear of one day being as unorganized as my father or the time I was brainwashed into being organized during my time in the navy?

I am pretty sure it has to do with my father who’s ability to create unbelievable chaos used to shock me to a degree that I felt physically ill after having spent a weekend with him. Something I back then never expressed to him since I did not want to hurt him, I much rather did hurt myself.

Doing the opposite of what our parents are doing, rebelling against society or any other form of counter movement has nothing to do with freedom though. It is still connected to a belief system or idea it just tries to proof it to be wrong.

If it is an obsession or not I feel much better now. To me receipts and millions of files on my desktop are like all these thoughts that crowed our heads. How in the world can I think straight, how can I work without a clean plate?




“Obsession?” Williamsburg/ Command Central/ My computers after cleanup 08-23-08 at 01:31 AM

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