Back On The Deck

In the midst of my sorting and filing activities I gave Lucy a quick call to thank her for the wonderful four months I was able to spend at her apartment while she was away to watch her plants. She was very happy with my plant watering and taking care of the apartment abilities.

Right after she thanked me for doing a good job she said, “Carsten, I have to go back to London on Saturday for two weeks, would you like to watch my place?”

This morning after getting my room at the loft into almost perfect shape I started packing again. While I was getting my stuff together I still could not believe that I would see the deck again only a week after I had left.

I arrived in the city at 10:30 AM. The weather was gorgeous and the views breathtaking. I got another chance to work on my tan.




“Back On The Deck” Manhattan/New York City/Untied Nations Building 08/23/08 at 04:28 PM

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