Loft Living

A few days after coming back to the loft the comfort of Lucy’s apartment has long been forgotten. The temperature here seems to be always between 90 and way over 100 degrees, the water has been shut off for most of the last 48 hours and instead of the doorman “Jesus” (I’m not joking!) smiling at me when I come back to the apartment my doorman at the loft is a wooden baseball bat and I have to swing it myself at unwanted intruders.

Life is never boring here. There is less comfort but at the same time much more excitement. What will brake next? Will the water ever come on again? Will there be new leaks when it rains the next time? What an adventure! It feels like I am going camping on a daily basis.

Who needs all that comfort and security anyway? Do I? Am I getting old?





“Loft Living” Williamsburg/ Brooklyn/ The Loft 08-19-08 at 05:17 PM

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