A Quiet Day

Just when I was getting ready to go to Central Park clouds appeared. I checked the weather online and had to forget my dream of pushing my skin tone to next level today. It said, “Thunderstorms all afternoon”.

I took it easy instead, got something to eat and enjoyed my Sunday treat a Soy Chai Latte at Starbucks. I like rainy days. They are good to get things done or to do absolutely nothing and not have to feel bad about it. I wrote my personal diary what I’ve been doing for more then 10 years, checked my endless list of goals and did hours of research on the computer.

I ended up going out with my friend Claudio who I know from kung fu class. When I left the house at about 1 AM I was already a little tipsy. Friends of mine came over a few days ago, I bought a bottle of wine but they ended up drinking beer. I had a glass of wine, then another glass and suddenly the bottle was empty.

When I arrived at Cielo in the Meet Packing District where Claudio’s friend had put us on the guest list I was way over my James Bond/ alter ego creating thee beer limit.

I had a great night dancing and flirting. Even knowing that the wine had a part in it I was watching myself and was wondering how I was able to get to this point of being so uninhibited. I know that it is because of all the work I have been doing on myself but sometimes I forget how many years it took to change and I feel like I was this shy young man who would stand at the bar, be afraid of talking to girls and never danced just a few days ago. Boy, I turned myself around! I have absolutely nothing in common with that person any more.





“A Quiet Day” Manhattan/ New York City/ 44th Street/ Sunflower in the wind 08-10-08 at 06:16 PM

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