Flying High

Kites are amazing, there is something very peaceful about them. This butterfly, flying high over the Sheep Meadow in Central Park is so beautiful. It is also about seven feet wide.

I looked at it with awe and jealousy. When I was shooting the “Age Of Ignorance” video for Paul last year I had to find a visual reference for  “they are rising up like butterflies and drifting to the sea” part of the lyrics in the song. I was thinking about shooting real butterflies first but it was late in the summer, most of them were already gone. This was not an option. In one sleepless night I had the idea to use a butterfly kite instead. I went online and ordered one right away.

The weekends after that the wind wasn’t right. I could not get the damn thing in the air. It crashed a million times. Then fall came and then winter. I still have to shoot this scene to complete the video.

And here I am in the Park on a gorgeous day with a beautiful butterfly in the New York sky and my Super 8 camera is lying at home.




“Flying High” Manhattan/ New York City/ Central Park/ Sheep Meadow 08-03-08 at 04:59 PM  

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