The Park

Last Sunday it finally happened again. It was the weekend after my friend Paul and his wife came back from an amazing trip to Iran. The tribes met up at the Sheep Meadow in Central Park.

Years ago I went to the park and was tanning close to this group of five or six guys all singing and playing their guitars. It was New York at its best. The park, the sun, thousands of people just taking it easy and a group of amazing musicians playing songs from the Beatles, AC/DC to Led Zeppelin. I remember me wishing to know these guys.

For two years I got messages from Tam Lin Music on myspace. He annoyed me so much with his invitations to his shows that I finally took the time to listen to his music. I wrote him a mail the same day saying that I think his music is amazing but that he really needs new images. Paul, who is Tam Lin Music wrote back to me telling me that he would love to have new images but would not have the resources to pay for it. I told him that I never asked for money and that all he would have to do is come over to the studio. This is something I sometimes do when I really believe in an artist.

I got some really nice shots of Paul the day he came over and ended up shooting his wedding last summer as well. On his wedding day some of his friends looked very familiar. They were the guys I had seen in the park. Paul has been playing with them on the Sheep Meadow for the last 14 years every summer.

I ended up meeting all the guys I had wished to get to know a couple of summers ago and ended up spending at least one day every weekend during last years summer with them in the Meadow. To me it very often felt like the best place I could be at. Paul and I became friends, I even shot a music video for one of his songs “The Age Of Ignorance” that has been in postproduction for way too long but will be finished this fall.

Sunday everybody was back. It was a crystal clear not too hot and not humid perfect New York Day. Loyd Floyd was back singing his “Highway To Hell” AC/DC song besides many others. loyd-floyd-in-action

If you live in the NYC area the tribes meet next Sunday on the Meadow at 3PM as long as it does not rain. Just look for the guys with the guitars. I see you there. 🙂





“The Park” Manhattan, Central Park, Loyd Floyd singing “Highway to Hell” 08-03-08 at 06:25 PM

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