The Light

Whatever drama we project onto what is really heaven on earth, all the darkness we see and the pain and suffering that we are confronted with by the mass media on a daily basis will succumb to the light sooner and later.

We are attracted by what feels right and good. We want to help our fellow men, we love our neighbors as we love ourselves and want to make the world a better place even though at times this might be hard to recognize in us because it is hidden under many layers of programming.

As every plant is looking for the light our soul wants to reunite with were it came from. The more we get aware of who we really are the more we will shed wrong ideas about the world and who we believed to be. We will understand experientially that we are not a separate person but one with the whole universe. The universal energy is light and goodness. The more we get aware the more we will bring this energy into the world of illusions.

It might take a soul many lifetimes to open up to this part of itself. Sooner or later we will start searching until we deeply understand who we rally are. This understanding ends the necessity of having to die and having to be reborn to make the experiences we need to find the truth.

Now we can move on to a new adventure in an unknown place.




“The Light” Manhattan/New York City/Cactus in Lucy’s apartment/44th Street 08-02-08 at 05:18 PM

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