Maine (Part 2)

It was not an easy hike since most of the track was very muddy. To jump from dry spot to dry spot trying to avoid to get wet feet slowed us down quite a bit and having still a heavy head from the night before did not help either.

But after a little bit more then two hours we had made it back to the truck. We drove to one of the local restaurants to have lunch. Maine is famous for it’s lobster. I was a bad vegetarian for the day had a whole lobster. After that we went back to the local super market to restack our beer supply for the main event of the day, the barbecue.

We went back to Chris’s house to lie down for a second before all his neighbors showed up for the party. Walter and George came by as well and my new best friend Skippy, Walter’s puppy. Skippy and I spent most of the night rolling around on the grass again. He had the night of his life. About 30 guests and every single one of them wanted to cuddle him all the time.

Another evening with lots of laughter, good conversations and slightly too much alcohol followed. We also had a huge bond fire that was created by setting a kitchen cabinet ablaze.

That was Kristian’s and my last night in Lubec. The next day we had to spent another 18 hours on the bus back to “The City Of Dreams”.




“Maine (Part 2)” Lubec/Maine/Stones close to Quoddy Head 07-22-08 at 01:05 PM

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