Peace And Beauty

The track started right next to the lighthouse and would lead us for two hours along the cliffs and then back to our truck. Nature is absolutely beautiful out here. There is the ocean, the trees, the fresh air and amazing rock formations. While I was looking at this I was envisioning to have the same in New York, that I’m able to spend time in nature without having to travel.

I guess I just can’t have everything. I can’t have the energy and possibilities of New York City and the piece and beauty of Main’s nature at the same time.

To me nature will always be more beautiful then what human beings create. We have the ability to build enormous structures, invent amazing things but nobody has ever created anything that is on the same level as the beauty and grandness of nature.

Maybe it is because nature does not have an ego, it creates without having to impress anybody, nature just is.




“Peace and Beauty” Lubec/Maine/Cliff close to Quoddy Head 07-22-08 at 11:25 PM

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