Stairway To Heaven

How can we reach heaven? What is haven and hell anyway? How would our lives look like in a heavenly state?

To me heaven and hell is in our minds. A better way to say it is that heaven is reached being without mind. Hell is being in our minds all the time.

I made my first experiences how a life without mind could feel like in meditation. After a couple of years of sitting two hours per day I experienced seconds without thoughts here and there. These moments were at that point the most beautiful ones of my whole life. It is hard to describe but there was this feeling of melting into all, an understanding of being all and an experience of ultimate happiness.

Every moment is perfect. Imperfection is created by our minds projecting beliefs and ideas onto what is happening. When we do that we live a self created illusion not reality.

Letting go of our minds and enjoying the moment will reconnect us with our inner happiness, with the heaven inside us that was always present but not visible because of our projections. Our inner world equals the outer world. Finding happiness inside us will bring beauty and happiness into every aspect of our lives.

Letting go of our ideas and believes is the stairway to heaven.




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