A Revolution (Part 2)

It makes no sense that we bought into how things are. A revolution is possible and necessary and to me we are way overdue to stop accepting the state the world is in.

Why? Because there is a lot of suffering in the world. We are selfish, we are destroying the planet and we are greedy.

But for the revolution I am talking about we do not need to grow our hair long, color it, wear flowers or throw stones. The revolution I am talking about only involves us, our inner being, the way how we feel about ourselves.

The outer world, what we call reality is nothing else then a mirror of our inner worlds. Why is there all this violence, geed and aggression? Because this is what is on our minds. Why are we so angry? Because nobody ever accepted us for what we are. We never felt o.k. We have to impress, to conquer, to overpower, to be richer; to be more beautiful, more well known and more respected then our fellow man.

What our conditioning has created is a feeling that we have to achieve that something that seems to be missing. We want to feel complete and we do whatever it takes to achieve that. We pollute the environment, rage war, destroy the lives of others because of greed, get plastic surgery and try to become famous. And we are angry because whatever we do we still don’t feel complete. Leaders of countries, rock stars, billionaires, famous actors all are still having the same problem. They still feel not accepted for who they really are, they are feeling not complete.

This is why any other revolution then the one I am talking about has to fail. A revolution does not change our mental programming. At the end it will fail because the conditioning is already in place and we have no other choice then to fall back onto what we are taught to do.

The revolution I am talking about is dropping our programming. This is the hardest revolution that has ever been attempted. But why waste our time with easy things that don’t work? I much rather put my effort into something that brings real change.

I am talking about letting all the programming that we have received from parents, teachers and society go and to find out who we really are.

Why are most people not interested to do this? Because we have no idea who we really are. What we imagine ourselves to be is based on the conditioning we have received over the years. To ask you the question, “Who am I?” is extremely scary because the answer can potentially scatter the life we have been living so far. What if I’m really gay? What if I never really liked my job? What if I find out I have stopped being attracted to my partner 10 years ago? These discoveries ask for major life changes. But who wants to change? We want to keep things how they are because we are used to them.

Let’s imagine we would be crazy enough to ask the ultimate question, willing to drop our conditioning and finding out who we really are. What would change?

We would understand that every single one of us is a beautiful being that deserves all the love and the beauty in the world without having anything to do for it. There would be nothing to achieve, nothing to conquer, nobody to impress, we are perfect how we are.

Does that mean we will lose our motivation for action? No, not at all but our actions will be based on our natural urge. We will do what we must do, what we came here to do. Doing what we must do will not destroy the planet, hurt others or make us greedy. All these actions are based on a misunderstanding. Following our inner voice will bring more beauty, support and love in our life and into the life of others and doing what we are naturally inclined to do will make us happy.

Us changing will change the world since the outer world is a mirror of the inner world. At first it will only have a tiny impact but our example might motivate others to do the same. This is the only real revolution there is.

This can change the world and create heaven on earth.






“A Revolution (Part 2)” Manhattan/New York City/Strawberry Fields 07-13-08 at 02:50 PM

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