Ammachi (Part 2)

The hug only took a few seconds. She put her arm around me, said something I could not understand that sounded like “Mamamamama”, gave me a piece of chocolate and then it was already time to go and the next person was embraced.

First I did not feel that much but after a few minuets realized that something had shifted. I felt my heart, I suddenly had a lot of energy, I felt happier then I had felt in a very long time. It was a very special experience for me.

What is so special about Ammachi? She has a very open heart. She is love and she is happy. I was suffering tremendously back then as are 99,999 out of 100,000 people because we are all in our heads and not in our hearts. We are tormented by our egos with all these beliefs and ideas.

Ten years ago Amma did show me how it feels to let go of the mind. She gave me a preview of how things could be. She did show me how it feels to have an open heart. That experience lasted a day or two and wore off afterwards but I had a glimpse.

One or two years later I met my teacher and I have been doing a lot of work on myself over the last eight years.

When I went to the Manhattan Center to see Amma she did the same thing she has been doing all these years, hugging people. Her hug did not solve my problems. But this hug and all the hugs I got from her since then motivated me to work on myself, to open my heart and to be able to feel like that all the time.

I’ve accomplished that. Today I have an open heart and a beautiful life. I am living the state I was in back then.

I saw her on three different days last week but I did not get a hug this time. I had so much spiritual help over the last eight years and I can see how much energy it takes Amma to hug all those people. I kept my spot open for somebody who needs her hug more then I do. I was there for the beautiful energy, the Indian food, the chants and most importantly all the beautiful girls in saris. 🙂

I talked to one of her disciples who asked me why I would not get a token to get a hug. My answer was, “Because I am already happy”.




“Ammachi (Part 2)” Manhattan/New York City/ 38th Street and 7th Avenue 07-10-08 at 08:10 PM

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