Independence Day

On July 4th America celebrated its 232 Independence day and I was in the midst of it. I made my way all the way over the Eastside of Manhattan to Avenue C and 18th Street. I know that area well since I used to live in a building right on that corner.

The fireworks were magnificent again even though it was a rainy day without any wind and parts of the them were not as visible because of the smoke that was created. It was still a great show.

While I was watching the fireworks I was asking myself a couple of questions. America has been the land of the free for 232 years but when will we, the human race find our freedom? When will we find our mental freedom?

America is the land of the free because you have the freedom to do what you want to do as long as it is not against the law and be who you want to be whatever that might be. But having this freedom does not mean that we are free mentally.

Are we free of ideas and beliefs about who we are or who we think we are supposed to be? Are we free to do what we want without hearing the voices of our parents in our heads that tells us what is the “right” thing to do? Can we be who we are without feeling pressured to be who we are told to be?

When can we celebrate our own personal “Independence Day”?



“Independence Day” Manhattan/New York City/Avenue C and 18th Street 07-04-08 at 09:32 PM

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