The Broken Dream

I usually don’t have tremendous mood swings any more but now and then experience great sadness. Sometimes I do wish things would be different. I wish the world would be a different place. I wish the dreams and hopes I had as a child about my life, my family and the world would have become true. I wish people I wanted to be with either would have given me the chance to get to know them or would have been willing to change so that I could have spent more time with them.

But then I stop and I ask myself what I want. Do I want to live life or be haunted by a broken dream, by something that will never be what I imagined it to be; do I want to live an illusion?

I want to live life how it is, I want to live what is right in front of me right here right now without being distracted by an imaginative reality. I want to live the “now”.

I am living the now, I am living life fully but even though knowing that it makes no sense, once in a while I am getting sad because of a broken dream.




“The Broken Dream” Manhattan/New York City/44th Street and 6th Avenue 07-03-08 at 10:38 PM

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