The Two Worlds Are One

In my posts I have been talking a lot about letting go of our false ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world. I have been talking a lot about the inner world about how to change how we feel about ourselves. Is there a difference between the outer world, the world that we call reality and the inner world, the world of  self perception.

In my experience the outer world cannot influence the inner world. I at times I made very little money at times a lot. Money did not make me feel better about myself. I had money in the bank and was still miserable. Nothing I accomplished owned or bought helped.

On the contrary changing my inner world, the way how I feel about myself influenced the outer world, what experiences I made on a daily basis, in a great way. To me the outer world is the inner world. This is why the world we live in is an illusion. It is only a projection of our ideas and beliefs onto an empty canvas. These two worlds are one.

This is why the focus should always be on the inner world. We will never find happiness outside of ourselves. But the moment we find it in us, the moment we realize we deserve a beautiful life it will become our reality in both worlds.




“The Two Worlds Are One” Manhattan/Q Train on Williamsburg Bridge 06-24-08 at 11:01 PM

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