Eyes Of Wonder

The saddest part about growing up is that we lose our eyes of wonder. We think we have seen it all, we know it all and that there is nothing new to life.

But what do we know? Do we know where we come from? Do we know where we go to? Do we know who we are? Do we know why we are here?

We don’t know much and if we look at what we think we know we will see that we cannot be sure about it. Why not let go of all of that and look at things with the knowledge that we don’t know?

Would this make our lives be a big adventure? Would that bring excitement back into whatever we do? Would that make us eagerly await a new day to explore more about life?

I believe so.




“Eyes Of Wonder” Coney Island/New York Aquarium/People watching Jellyfish 06-28-08 at 05:48 PM 

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