Coney Island

Even though I wrote my “Inspiration” post quite a few days ago I did not follow it up with action. It just seemed too much effort to pick up my SLR and take pictures just for fun.

All that changed thanks to my very good friend Marco this weekend. Even though we had talked about a photo safari during the week and I had agreed to it I already had filed this idea in the maybe folder and was coming up with excuses not to have to go.

Then I read the quote that I mentioned in my last post by Martha Graham and realized that with my talent also comes the responsibility to express it. Marco just got himself a brand new Nikon D300 and was eager to take pictures with his new toy. We met at 14 Street and took the long train ride to a place I had heard a lot about but never felt I had the time to visit, Coney Island.

We had a great time shooting on the beach, at the amusement park and at the New York Aquarium.

Marco took some amazing shots, he is an up and coming photographer and we all should watch out for him. He also started a blog not too long ago. Please check out

Marco, I just got you some new readers, it is time to start blogging more frequently. 🙂




“Coney Island” New York City/Brooklyn/Coney Island 06-28-08 at 03:27 PM

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