Bride Of Frankenstein

I finally made it. After living in New York City for almost 12 years I saw my first movie at Bryant Park. At this park located on 41st and 6th Avenue HBO shows free movies on Mondays from mid June to mid August on a giant outside screen.

For many years I wanted to go, Monday was the day to realize it. I got to the park at around 8 PM and after some wait the movie started. There were a few thousand people watching the show on this beautiful warm summer night. It was quite an amazing view. All these people sitting outside in the park watching a movie in the middle of the city.

The movie they showed was “The Bride Of Frankenstein” and was shot 1935. The story line is that Dr. Frankenstein’s monster is lonely and to make him not feel so alone the Dr. creates a female monster for him. The interesting part of the movie is that even though Dr. Frankenstein’s creation is called “monster” the monster is the nicest guy in the movie. The only thing that frightens people is his looks. All he wants to do is to make friends to not to be so lonely. While he tries to do that he does not judge anybody but is constantly judged.

To me Dr. Frankenstein did an amazing job creating a living being out of dead bodies but he knows nothing about creating an ego to accompany it. But this is a good thing, isn’t it? 🙂




“Bride Of Frankenstein” Manhattan/New York City/ Bryant Park 06-23-08 at 09:48 PM


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