I spent many days sleeping in, watching the sunset, playing with my playstation, hanging out with friends and not working.

I realized that in the past my main motivation to get out of bed was fear. I was afraid to end up on the street if I would not work hard. Since I did not feel good about myself I had to meditate, do yoga and work out to feel better about myself.

I am not afraid any more since I’m feeling very good about myself and based on my low overhead would not have to work for some time if I would choose to do so.

But after all these days of doing nothing something shifted. Inspiration was born.

I am inspired to go out and shoot. I am inspired to take images not for any other reason then for the love of the process of doing so.



“Inspiration” Manhattan/New York City/44th Street bet. 1st and 2nd 06-21-08 at 07:43 PM

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